Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Clara's Easter Gift

I have been introducing Clara, who is 15 months old, to art. So far she is really liking it and doesn't seem to put the crayons in her mouth, that often. For Easter I decided to add lots of different options for her. I got her quite a few of the Crayola Color Wonder type stuff because I figure it would be nice on those days we don't have time to get messy. She already has the triangular crayons and does well with them, but I decided to get the crayon wheel for her to try out as well. She also needed some new bath toys and I thought the bath letters and numbers from Little Tikes would be perfect. It's never to early to start trying to learn letters and numbers, right? Even though my daughter has more books than a library, I couldn't resist these National Geographic books for kids. Not only does she enjoy the others she has but they will be great when she is older and starting to read. Plus I should add I found them at the Dollar Tree for, of course, a $1 each. I added a few Easter themed filler items like stickers, eggs, and such; threw it in a basket with her cute little bunny I made and it was complete. Hopefully she will enjoy! (Sorry I don't have a picture of the complete basket. I just put it all in there the best I could so it was hard to see a lot of the stuff.)

See  Cute Little Bunny post for details!

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