Monday, May 20, 2013

My Origami Owl Necklaces

Most people have heard/own/seen origami owl but I wanted to share with you my pieces. The first necklace has charms that represent my life. The little girl for my daughter; the maltese cross for my firefighter husband; the girl dog in memory of Hailey; the artist palette and scissors for my love of arts & crafts; the W for our family name; and lastly the shamrock for various reasons. They are all in a large locket on a long chain. I chose the cross dangle to show its importance in all the little pieces of my life. The second necklace was created just for fun to represent my love for the New York Yankees. It is a small locket on a small station chain. I purchased all of my items through Lindsey an Origami Owl independent designer. Go check it out here and design your own living locket!

**Please do not repost or re-use these photos as your own**

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