Thursday, June 12, 2014

Striped Newborn Hat

I know that tons of newborn patterns exist but I wanted to share this little hat with you. This is my favorite way, that I came up with, to do beanie style hats. The last round may be confusing to beginners so I hope the link I provided helps. I need a way to create videos so I can give little tutorials with my patterns. I might have to ponder on that see what I can come up with. Anyways I hope you enjoy! 

What you will Need:
Worsted Weight Yarn
5 mm hook (H)
4.5/4.25 mm hook (G)
Yarn needle

Stitch Abbreviations:
Sc- single crochet
Hdc - half double crochet
Dc- double crochet
sl st - slip stitch
Ch – chain
Beg.- beginning
FpHdc- front post half double crochet

-When working in the round I like to use this method which gives a neater join.
-When changing colors I like to finish off the last stitch with the new color then continue to join and ch.1. I also like to tie the two yarns together to help secure them.

Size: Newborn
Start with Magic Ring, Ch. 1,
Round 1: 9 Hdc in ring, join, Ch. 1
Round 2: 2 Hdc into each st around, join, Ch. 1 (18 HDC)
Change Colors
Round 3: (2 Hdc in first stitch, Hdc in next) Repeat around, join, Ch. 1 (27 Hdc)
Round 4: (2 Hdc in first stitch, Hdc in next 2) Repeat around, join, Ch. 1 (36 Hdc)
Change Colors
Round 5: (2 Hdc in first stitch, Hdc in next 3) Repeat around, join, Ch. 1 (45 Hdc)
Round 6-13: Hdc in each stitch around, join, Ch.1 (45 Hdc)
Continue changing colors every two rounds.
Round 14: Hdc in the back loops of each stitch around, join, Ch.1 (45 Hdc)
With the same color switch to a G Hook
Round 15: (FpHdc in same, Hdc in next) around, end with a FpHdc, join, fasten off.

Weave in all ends.

*If you want to create more of an 0-3 months size just go up a hook. 5.5mm for the base and 5mm for the last round. *

If you want, just sew on the button or applique you wish to use and you are finished. I used cotton hand quilting thread to sew on the wood button.  I then took yarn and sewed it through the holes and tied off.

** You may make and sell products from this pattern, but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish the photos as your own.**

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Krystal B said...

Came out super cute, thanks for sharing!